Innovative Body Recovery Cryotherapy Denver

11960 Lioness Way
Unit 100
Parker CO, 80134 USA
(303) 862-7957


Antigravity Treadmill Therapy

Treating troubles with the latest technology

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Merriam-Webster defines “innovation” as “introducing or using new ideas or methods,” an apt description of what one finds inside Innovative Body Recovery, a new Meridian facility offering high-tech treatments for age-old ailments.

Micah Kim, director of operations at the center at 11960 Lioness Way, in northern Douglas County, said he’s never liked visiting doctors.

“I don’t like going to the hospital or taking medicine,” Kim said.

More than a year ago, Kim injured his back and went to Dallas for an unusual treatment. He tried cryotherapy, standing in a chamber and getting blasted with cold nitrogen gas, and the pain went away.

Read the article: Parker Chronicle, Tom Skelley

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