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Transcranial Brain Low Level Light Therapy

Transcranial Brain Low-Level Light Therapy 

What is Magnito (Transcranial Light) Brain Therapy?

Magnito, is the one of a kind cutting edge device that makes photons or light energy to reach the brain and circulatory system. It operates under the same principles of photobio modulation.


Photons of specific wavelengths diffuse easily through porous bone tissue and when absorbed, augment mitochondrial activity. Different from magnetic and electrical stimulation, photobiomodulation uses light energy (or photons) of specific wavelengths and power density to stimulate cellular function.

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What can I expect with every Magnito Brain Therapy Session?

You will come in to our clean, comfortable facility for each session. This therapy is non-invasive although the nasal probe will be secured to one side of your nose. Each session will take 20-25 minutes. The main objective is improved mental acuity and cognition without negative side effects.

How often can I do Magnito Brain Therapy?

Each session lasts 20 minutes. It is recommended the magnito be used not more than once every two days unless otherwise ordered by a physician or in a clinical trial situation.

Sharpen your mind and stimulate your inner systems


Magnito Brain Therapy Sessions

  • $55/session
  • Magnito Brain Therapy Single Session
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  • $220/5 sessions
  • Magnito Brain Therapy Five Session Easy Card
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  • $420/10 sessions
  • Magnito Brain Therapy Ten Session Easy Card
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