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"For 20 years I never felt happy but after getting the therapy with the Innovative Body Recovery team, I felt happy and my co-worker even noticed I was happier. This therapy is a life changing experience!"

Robert G.

"I have been going to Innovative Body Recovery and am very pleased with the results. Micah and the whole team are awesome to work with. They develop a personalized plan for your fitness and recovery. They are low pressure on getting you to sign up or do additional types of therapy. I also had my wife go in for treatment because she was having pain in her hip that was at a level 8/10 and after a few different therapies and treatments, her pain is back to 1/10. I would recommend them to anyone looking to recover faster or get rid of pain. They are very knowledgeable and pricing is very reasonable."

Danny O.

"The staff was warm and friendly and the waiting room was inviting. When I first arrived, I was greeted as though I was a long-time friend, but very professional. We thoroughly went over my needs and what I could expect with cryo treatment as well as other treatments offered in their office which help not only treat pain but other ailments as well. Within the week, I went from severe pain to being mobile with little or no discomfort. Would definitely recommend checking this out if you are looking for something to help with pain & injuries if you've already tried everything else. Unfortunately, I wish I knew more about this treatment months ago before doing that very same thing and maybe I could have saved myself a lot of time & money."

Christine K.

"I had been looking for a solution for inflammation and pain when I stumbled across the Groupon. I had heard about Cold Lasers and Cryotherapy and I am so grateful I bought that Groupon. The team at Innovative Body Recovery is outstanding. They really educate you and help you achieve success. I would highly recommend these therapies to anyone wanting to reduce pain without pill popping. Well worth it!"

Holly N.

"Great staff, many services to use as you wish and better yet my body feels amazing after several treatments. I recommend this to anyone suffering from chronic body pain!"

Greg G.
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